About Us

Go-RV is the brain-child of Paul Simpson. Paul suffered from chronic alcoholism for around 9 years, and Paul was told that if he didn’t stop drinking, he’d eventually die from complications arising due to his alcoholism.

Paul didn’t really want to change, but he finally found the 12-step model after being recommended to a local AA group by a friend. Paul really took to the 12-step model.

Paul later purchased an RV. Paul really believes his RV plays a massive role in his recovery. He encourages other people in recovery to purchase an RV because his own RV has had a massively positive influence on his recovery.

In 2017, Paul had the idea of developing a blog that allows people in recovery to share their travel stories. Thus, GO-RV was born.  If you would like to contact Paul in order to share your travel stories on GO-RV, contact Paul by clicking here.